The Tree of Life consists of 10 numbered Attributes and the Omega Attribute (Nothingness), which is in the Nihil plane, and represents the Origins of Existence. People who are not physically or mentally ill generally exert some kind of limited control over Attributes 0-6. The 10 Attributes are:

0. Body (Self)
1. Mind
2. Surroundings
3. Soul
4. Intuition
5. Senses
6. Thought
7. Omniscience
8. Omnipresence
9. Omnipotence

Then there are the Conjunctions, the routes which connect the Attributes. These are sorted into A-Series Conjunctions (C-A), B-Series Conjunctions (C-B), C-Series Conjunctions (C-C), Sigma-Series Conjunctions (C-Σ) and the Omega Conjunction. A-Series Conjunctions are the Conjunctions which healthy human beings have by default. Here they are:

A1. Att0-Att1 (“Sanity”)
A2. Att0-Att2 (“Interest”)
A3. Att2-Att5 (“Analysis”)
A4. Att1-Att6 (“Logic”)
A5. Att1-Att3 (“Creativity/Emotion”)
A6. Att0-Att5 (“Perception”)
A7. Att0-Att6 (“Consciousness”)
A8. Att0-Att3 (“Life”)
A9. Att0-Att4 (“Decision”)
A10. Att2-Att4 (“Doingness”)

The B-Series Conjunctions are what is/can be developed next:

B1. Att3-Att5 (“Soul Awareness/Aura”)
B2. Att4-Att5 (“Creative Logic”)
B3. Att1-Att7 (“Advanced Mind”)
B4. Att1-Att8 (“Astral Travel”)
B5. Att3-Att7 (“Creativity II”)
B6. Att6-Att8 (“Astral Travel II”)
B7. Att0-Att8 (“Transfiguration”)
B8. Att0-Att3 (“Knowingness”)
B9. Att0-Att4 (“Advanced Reaction”)
B10. Att1-Att5 (“Advanced Reaction II”)
B11. Att2-Att6 (“Advanced Perception”)
B12. Att2-Att6 (“Soul Awareness II/Aura II”)

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